Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Comics, Stickers, Tee Shirts and a hip hop album!

-Alright so everything but the rap album but who knows. He's got a lot of money after all, and if it's one thing rappers are notorious for having before they get their big break, its billions and billions of dollars.

--Big win for comedy this spring, as Donald Trump is possibly running for president. I wrote Trump and told him that Mr. Mcloud would be honored to have him make a cameo at World Co. but all I got in return was an attorney's letter with spit inside. I guess that's a maybe!

---Like I said, I have stickers, shirts and booklets/prints available so If you feel like grabbing a few, drop me an order at NickPerdue@gmail.com or go online to THIS AWESOME WEBSITE and place an order with them. Pick up some good music too if you are into that kind of thing. NEW COMICS BELOW!!!

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