Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NEW Ike Mcloud: Smartest Man in the Universe, ep#027: "Eat Shit."

---I wrote out a huge soap box rant about tax cuts for the rich and spending cuts on things like heating oil, public education and state infrastructure but I think I'll save it for the next few comics I have in editing. It's been a crazy few weeks for myself and our country as unemployment approached 10%, prices in nearly everything rose a bit more, and "economic armageddon" swoops over us like a fire-breathing monster. I've been chuckling at these bonus's men like Ike Mcloud are giving themselves during all this turmoil, the tax cuts they demand for being "job creators" and the spending cuts their political party proposes pay for Bush's nearly 5 trillion dollar list of mistakes.. Then I see the democratic President shaking the same hands, starting the same wars and helping the same bullshit artists.

Today's Ike comic is an ode to getting your man elected, to the legality of corporate funds within politics and to the biggest little city in the future, New Quail. Enjoy your weekend everybody :) More to come after Sunday!

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