Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The plight of Captain hook...

---I love the movie Hook. As a kid, I was obsessed with the Captain and dressed in his iconic red coat for Halloween countless times. Captain Hook was the ultimate bad guy for an elementary school kid because he seemed like the kind of jerk who would take your lunch for ransom, ruin your recess for kicks or even duel your teacher to the death. A lot of kids didn't like villains growing up, but I found them intriguing. Now-a-days, I look back on Captain Hook and see him for who he really is.. An old, depressed pirate with a disorganized crew, who's only REAL enemies are a group of island kids. Worst of all, the children he frequently does battle with have a leader who's managed to cut off Hook's hand at an incredibly young age. Sounds like kind of a loser. Especially when you look at Black Beard, Bart Roberts, or even Admiral Nelson, Captain Hook just seems like an obsessed weirdo.

I wanted to play with this idea a little bit. Introduce some of the ridiculous themes surrounding this character, his movies/stories, and place him in a real-life environment where his anxieties are more represented. Here are some of the first I have put down on paper titled, "The Plight of Captain Hook".

Enjoy! :)

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