Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NEWS update!

Ahh, February is upon us. 2012 is here and a lot is happening. As I type, I am counting down the hours until I can post the new "Welcome to the Future!" to the blog. It just went out on The Cultist this morning and, thanks to New Times' genius editor, looks vibrant as it does in post :)

Speaking of post, I have finally accrued enough solid material to release a fully edited print. I have been nervous about doing a book and putting it off forever, but I am almost certain SIQ Magazine will be a tangible, turn-the-pageable comic book by April 2012. A little birthday present to myself, I guess.

Political news! The republican candidates...Phew. Some of these moments created in the race have been absolutely jaw dropping. The material!!! It's like all I have to do is turn on mainstream news to write an "Ike Mcloud: Smartest Man in the Universe" comic. Mitt Romney is like a mormon Ike! His history with Bain Capital, the "corporations are people" speeches, and the arrogant la-dee-da demeanor??? Unbelievable. Newt too. The wives, the Washington sell outs, the "I take offense" card puppetry. I honestly don't know my political affiliation this year...If the republicans win, I'll never run out of content.

Speaking of Ike (really running long on this update...)
A lot of people have been asking about why there hasn't been an Ike in like a month and a half. The short answer is that I have been working like crazy, getting investment money together for some animation. I really want to take Ike to a higher medium and, while things are moving along for my other series', I have been focusing on funding quite a bit. There IS a new comic in the works and it's coming along swimmingly. I see another Ike post coming next week or the week after. The idea-cards (if you've seen my desk this will be relevant) are stacked.

Okay, so now that I have blown a serious load of information onto the blog... Read some comics.
---Thanks again for checking out my stuff and coming back for more---

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