Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A true Tale of Evil!

New logo up, for some reason it sucks to look at on a mobile. Blogger is being super buggy lately and I am again considering a move to Tumblr or just moving on to a website. We'll see what happens. On that note, ALL of my technology is failing me today. Safari is lagging horribly, Photoshop has suddenly given me a "due date", my scanner has rebelled and is shooting heroin again...Its a mess.

Nice little chunk of news I can't FULLY post about regarding this week's New Times comic until midnight tonight(ish).. However, a funny meme came out of all the buzz circulating around the grotesque nature of this week's "Welcome..".

I resisted the urge to respond to animal rights hate mail. All of which was based in a true misunderstanding of WHY this issue for Miami should be seen in comic form. Sometimes it's easier to brush a grotesque aspect of urban life under the rug/into the alley instead of looking at it, letting out a few guilty laughs and asking, "how did it get this bad?". That is the true purpose of the "Welcome to the Future" series, and I am really glad there was some discussion by the public on action based solutions. Shocked me in a good way :)

Alright, new comics coming tonight! Enjoy!

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