Tuesday, May 8, 2012

POW, what a week!

What a week it has been! Every single day has been filled with finalizing work, drawing new stuff and *drumroll* illustrating a new "Ike Mcloud: Smartest Man in the Universe!". I was commissioned by an old friend to make a flyer for his music project, The End of the Dial Tone Radical Experimental Collaborative Music Band Band, that corresponded with a video he shot as a promo for Facebook

--I usually hate my work for about the first two hours after it is finished, then I return and like it later on. This one I really liked from start to finish. Simple, almost film-like colors, with a few splashes of extreme yellows and oranges. Plus, if you are familiar with any of my work from 2008-2009, you know that John (featured in the video) used to be a popular cartoon character of mine that came to life after a genie granted me such an honor. It's great to be drawing him again, even if he shaved his mustache..

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