Saturday, June 16, 2012

A look into the sketchbook---

---So the last few episodes of "Welcome..." have spawned new creatures....eherm, CHARACTERS, excuse me.... and I wanted to share some of their origins from my little sketchbooks. I generally carry a small Moleskine book everywhere I go. People I meet, or see, get jotted down as potential cartoons and it all spins out from there. Some are obviously more grotesque than others (as in real-life) and the best example at the bottom here would be, Alterno-girl vs. The People of Brew @ the Fuck You (at the Zoo)..
-Alterno-girl is simply a stylized, chubby-cheeked trend-following teen who's dialogue would probably be the funniest part about her, while the Brew-folk are slack jawed inbred swamp-people, who are funny even if you aren't talking to them in a sort of threatening, ogreish way.
--I was actually advised against publishing a "Brew at the Zoo" parody, after learning that the New Times sponsored the event :) "Leave it for the blog.." they said. So here are a few people I have seen in the last few weeks (maybe 2 months) of sketching Miami life, plus some early workings of the most recent "ZOMBIES, ZOMBIES, ZOMBIES!" episode. Enjoy!

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