Tuesday, June 12, 2012


--So it seems that everyone now knows of the "zombie attack" which occurred in Miami a few weeks ago, over the Memorial Day weekend celebrations. A naked guy, high on some kind of amphetamine attacked a homeless man and ripped off his face. The pictures are as horrendous as the event itself, and what is the craziest part about all of it is that the attacked man is still alive (the cops shot the "zombie").

Amidst all of this came jokes about zombies and cannibals. It's expected for the gen pop to react this way. I think people sort of glazed over a drug induced horror story because they couldn't deal with the fact that society has declined this way. The facts are that the attacker was a whacko Christian fundamentalist who was "battling" years of marijuana use (dead giveaway of a secret nutcase is battling trivial battles.) and dabbling in the legal alternatives. Police are hypothesizing that the use of the completely LEGAL "Bath Salt" drug, or some sort of cocaine psychosis are likely. All this aside, the attacker got high on some extremely potent, possibly legal accelerants that resulted in him ripping a mans face off and becoming a pop-culture monster.

Okay...If you made it this far I commend you. Where I put a lot of woe into my perspective is when BUSINESS gets involved in creating zombie-stops on their tour line, restaurants and bars do "zombie specials" and there is talk of some kind of festival surrounding the slaughter. WHAT??

--"We are definitely going to add [the location] as a stop," George told the South Florida Business Journal. "Horrible as it was, it is part of our history. Currently, our tour takes us over the causeway right past the site, so this fits well."-- (Quote from NewTimes)

A part of our history? Let me be frank.. Cocaine heists, Santeria stalkers, honor killings, Voodoo curses and plenty of other nifty horror stories are a part of the "history" of Miami, yet in loo of current hilarious pop-culture, THIS is the one story that tour lines can exploit as some kind of cultural big bang? I call bullshit. I also call current-events fever and money grubbing malaria through an otherwise non-existent tourism season. This sensationalism exploited by Miami businesses has JUST about reached poor taste, and thats why i wrote THIS comic, then published it through The Times...

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