Friday, April 26, 2013

Roth homage gets some wheels!

---So recently my favorite pop-punk band, Rational Anthem asked me to draw up a design for their new line of beer koozies! I have been mixing in some elements of old freak art, Ed Roth monsters and the like into my style--I think it's a nice marriage. This is the first full illustration I have completed that shows the mix off. The koozies will be in B&W (seen below) and maybe in color for stickers/shirts if they decide to do so. I'll post links to buy their merch, along with the upcoming "PRINTS" section of the site.
(Beer Can Version)

---Oh and I wanted to share the original sketch that spawned this drawing... Mainly because I was sort of rambling around in my head the other night concerning WHY I love to draw cartoons so much and why I even started. I think for me, as a young kid, I was obsessed with the idea of bringing something into existence. I remember sitting in 3rd grade history class and drawing one of my first "comics" which were basically a red figure and a blue figure, battling all over my worksheet. The end result was a scribbled up sheet of paper but in my imagination, I had just witnessed another great episode of the explosive twosome I later called "The Fuzz Brothers". Something about being able to take a thought that no one else can see, put it on paper and then it is an active part of the real world excited me as a kid. Bringing characters to life, from funny little blips of thought, still does. 

(The Scribble)

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