Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Empire" making a swift debut...

"The gods have abandoned earth after murder and war destroyed their paradise. Dæmons and monsters roam the lands in complete chaos while humanity erects civilization in attempt to light the darkness. It is 10 years after the Great War of Winged Beasts and a new King has been selected by the high council in   Serronno, capital of the known world. It is a time of mystery, of sorcery, and of discovery. It is the journey of two life long friends to build a Kingdom from the ashes. This is The Empire of Fallen Gods."

--The art is coming together! Notes are turning into strips, strips into storyboards, and storyboards into full blown comix! Absolutely shaken at the idea of bringing this world to the public. This fall will be an interesting one. Seven years ago this story hit me like a bolt of lightning. Since then I have felt like a channel in which "Rhüell" broadcasts it's magnificent histories. It's taken early eight years for me to consider myself worthy to start editing "real" stuff... This is what drawing is all about.

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