Friday, July 12, 2013

Fantasy series coming to life...

For the last 7 years I have been working on the history and mythos of a fantasy realm called Rhüell. The characters, the multilayered plots, the monsters, landscapes and dense maps...It has been an unbelievable journey. At one point, I remember thinking about the brain's response to dying and how if my biology were to create a consciousness after death, I would want to live in an imagined Rhüell for eternity. I have purposely stayed away from publishing anything on the topic or posting in graphic form because the content is constantly evolving from where it began. I don't want to get stuck in ONE storyline, when the general history is growing so much every day.

But now, I think I am secure enough in my history and my character development to release some concept art, a goal that will be more prevalent on SIQ in the weeks to come. I am starting up the graphic telling of the the early days of King Leno's Empire and the adventures that unfold between he and Kirin, the half-dæmon sorcerer. It should be fun...SHOULD be. Huge amount of anxiety to get everything perfect. This is the story I want to be my legacy in comix. Stacks of notebooks are FILLED with this series' concept art and it's time to bring it into the light. 

A little sketch of Kirin and Leno, buried in the cave-highway to Zangief, domain of the water gods.

More to come...

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