Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Tale of Evil! Plus some info on some stuff and some things..

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No one likes a superfriend, folks.. No one.

So again, I wanted to take this opportunity to mention DIRTY MAG! They have been awesome to work with and their website is pretty fantastic, so check it out!

ALSO, I designed the matchbooks for Kill Your Idol, Miami Beach and I gotta say, it's a really cool experience striking fire from your art. If you have ever printed a zine, you know it's nice to HOLD the stuff you create, but aside from reading it or turning it into a mask (idea for later), theres not much you can DO with it. Matches could travel across the world in someone's bag, lighting cigarettes for friends or kick-starting a BBQ just in time for autumn. I might be getting too sentimental about it... Anyway, I love the matches, their functionality and the possibility that when nuclear apocalypse breaks out, I MAY have to use my cartoon matches to light the only lantern for miles underground.

If you are in Miami, check out KYI and scope my new matchbooks :)

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  1. Nick these are awesome! Love! You should make some for The Vagabond too! ;)