Monday, October 24, 2011

IKE MCLOUD Mini comic :)

In response to the Occupy Wall Street protests, I started this little Ike-mini up. I really love what's going on in New York (and around the country for that matter) and feel like the Ike Mcloud universe really parallels with some of the gripes of our dear 99%. Ike sits in his tower, on top of his thousands of abused, overworked employees (Kevin especially) filling a bazooka with coins to then fire at the protesters of his monopoly. I'm sure plenty of men within the god-lovin', tax-cuttin' upper crust would like to fire their useless nickels and dimes into a crowd of college kids and small business owners but for now, we'll let their mascot Mr. Ike Mcloud do the dirty work.

If you are involved in the protests and would like to order any stickers of Ike's face or even want to print a large, meme-like poster to hold up whenever FOX news rolls around, shoot me an email! All it will cost you is a photo of the sign/sticker in action. Yes, I'll even pay the shipping ;) Some actual Wall St. based signs of satire will be coming soon.
Good luck to you all!

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