Friday, January 20, 2012

Welcome to the future: "Poo"

--So this week's "Welcome to the Future" is another true tale of my experience here in Miami.

Resident's tip #349: People actually shit in the streets here. This particular scenario is inspired by 3 separate instances of Tom-shittery (get it???).. I was leaving from work once and a girl was propped up in the alley, fresh out of a club, taking a dump in front of a gaggle of "guard girls" laughing their asses off. I immediately thought, "isn't there a Starbucks around for you to shit in?" and there WAS...3 blocks away.
--My second and third experiences were post violation. Walking in the parking lot on 10th street and Washington, a hub known for it's hookery and homelessness, I smelled what I could only describe as a fog of pure disease. The air was humid and it didn't help my attempted escape from the smell. Both times, I look toward the bus stop and there, lying on the sidewalk/grassy waiting area is a fresh few logs of unashamed human shit. Unbelievable. This is a busy road. How is it that no one stopped this person from publicly dumping a gut bomb at the bus stop??

I guess spiderman was busy that night.

Anyway, all shit jokes aside (so ashamed..) this week has been a good one. Drawing tonight and tomorrow for NEW Ike Mcloud comics, which we all haven't seen for a few weeks. It's been really busy at the studio and I couldn't be happier about that. New DIRTY panel coming this weekend, followed by a few Ike things and another "Welcome to the Future" premiers on January 30th!

-Stay tuned-

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