Wednesday, April 18, 2012

News, Acid and Tropicult.

Ah, wednesday of draw week...That belly of self-loathing and disgust at how much I have procrastinated all week. Beautiful. Yes, sketching mutants outside of the coffee shop for 5 hours SEEMED like a good idea monday morning, but now the reality of moving, work, my friday birthday and relatives coming into town all smushed into one weekend is literally making me poo (as I type actually).

This friday, on 0420 I turn 0240. I was born when my mom was 24, 42 was always my "lucky number" as a kid and if you take 2012, ad 1+2, then use 0 as a "number placeholder"=1, you have 24.....Too far? If something spooky and Mayan happens this year, I'll be excited. Farfetched, but JUST LOOK AT ALL THE EVIDENCE!!

Okay. On a more serious(ish) note, //TROPICULT// just broke my interview! I'd like to say they "sat me down", but I actually did this interview shortly after a long stint with friends, vagabonding around Tampa FL, drinking and being young Hunter Thompsons, suitcase and all. So here it is, give them some hits!

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