Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New "Welcome" and more!

And so, the end of season 1 of "Welcome to the Future" has come! Hard to believe it has been ten episodes already but it has. Five whole months of pure comic flow. I am taking this upcoming week off for improvements and brainstorming on how to start up season two. Also, I have been moving my workspace to a new location, will post photos when everything looks nice..

--So in the meantime, be ready for the return of more Ike Mcloud! Its been too long! I have so many notes on new comics for him, but never seem to get the time for a whole session. SOON...

Separate note: I've been doing a lot of commissioned work lately. Wanted to post a shirt design I did for some friends, Rational Anthem. Their concept was a perv wizard and so naturally, they contacted me.

A lot in the works everyone, stay tuned!

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