Monday, September 16, 2013

A trip into the past...

Welcome to the Future.
So I have all these ideas sitting around on notes from the Miami days and honestly....A part of me misses lampooning that grotesque puddle of a city when I look through them... I am going to be releasing a few more Welcomes, new headliner and all that, through Tropicult and the blog. Miami is a place of consistantly evolving (or devolving maybe..) craziness. There is ALWAYS a turd larger than the one you just saw in the middle of the street, always a more bedazzled pair of Af*liction jeans, always a more annoying promoter/DJ/gogo dancer/house head/rapper/slashslashslash. The point is, I will SINK Miami in the comics as the end all be all (spoiler alert)....But not yet.
For now, the notes from yesteryear...
Thanks to fellow illustrator, Edward Darko, for his post lighting/shading work and his cameo<3
As always, more to come!

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